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Episode 3 - Stage fright or stage fun? Public speaking training in Hollywood and Silicon Valley with "Speechless Live."

Comic Debra Wilson at Speechless on 3/27/15

Comic Debra Wilson at Speechless on 3/27/15

In this episode I interview Sammy Wegent.

Sammy is an entrepreneur, actor and comic, who has appeared on TV and toured comedy stages across america. I once saw him win a major stand up comedy competition at the San Jose Improv comedy club.

Two years ago Sammy started Speechless, a live comedy show where people improvise presentations using slides they have never seen. In addition to shows with professional comics, Sammy uses speechless to train people in effective public speaking at tech corporations in Silicon Valley.  

This Episode also includes clips from comics Debra Wilson (Mad TV), Joe Wengert (Kroll Show) and Ian Roberts (Upright Citizens Brigade.)